Welcome to, my official site. Take a look around at the different kinds of art I’ve done over the years. I’m an illustrator, helping others bring their ideas to life. Primarily a traditionalist in my methods, I love collaborating with other creative minds. I hold a BFA with Distinction from the University of Victoria.

Adam Domville Comixology Promoshot

My art practice brings together classical painting techniques with elements of contemporary illustration, poster and comic book art, animation and fantasy film. I am fascinated by the human condition; themes of life, death, birth, rebirth and transformation frequently appear in my work. Political and environmental issues are also important to me. I seek to express and reveal that which is hidden within our subconscious minds, and bring to light the challenges we face throughout our lives so we can recognize and reflect upon them. I employ a deliberately pop culture approach as a means to communicate my messages to as broad an audience as possible. I am inspired by current world events and the work of modern surrealists. I work mainly with drawing and painting, and choose painting as my primary artistic expression because of its straightforward process and accessibility to viewers. I have also recently made excursions into video and soundscape production.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec, raised in Greece and I’ve spent some time in Australia, Thailand and Egypt. I wrote, penciled and¬†inked Atheniens, a four issue limited series comic book that was published in Athens, Greece by Soul Twinkles Publications. I’ve done book illustrations for homeopathic specialist Melissa Assilem, poster art for rock bands including Reason Disappears when I lived in Toronto, original commissioned paintings, custom tattoos and design, logo design and corporate and promotional art. My work can be seen in Panels for Primates by Monkeybrain, Darkness Ad Infinitum by Villipede, and on the cover of the Halloween edition of the Santa Barbara based literary journal The Riding Light Review. I am the founder of Darkwater Studios, and currently live in the western Canadian rainforest known as Victoria, BC.

Enjoy this trip through the roads of my imagination…cheers!