I’m thrilled to announce that the Victoria Arts Council jury has accepted my painting ‘The Tides of Karma’ for inclusion in their Summer Show! I’ll be volunteering for gallery sit ins on August 7th, 14th and 21st, between 2:30 and 5pm. I highly encourage anyone in Victoria who’s interested in contemporary visual art to stop by for a visit and check us out! From what I’ve seen so far we’ve got an awesome variety of stuff on display. You can go to the VAC website for more info about the show here. 7/18/20


I was surprised to find out that my painting called ‘Arctic Rising’ won a Special Recognition Award from the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery in their 2018 Figurative Art Exhibition! It’s on display on their page, in the sixth row within that category.  It was also one of three paintings I had featured in the Good Grief BFA art show that happened at the University of Victoria between April 20-28th. The Light Space & Time Gallery features a wide range of different painting styles, and I was happy to be included among these other great artists. You can visit the gallery to see my piece and the other selected paintings here. 5/4/18


I’ve been experimenting with soundscape design, and so far I’ve made two tracks that I thought were worth sharing. The first, called ‘Memories of an Office’, was created for an exhibit in the Old Town section of the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. In this track, the ghosts of former office employees relive a typical workday at the start of the 20th century. You can listen to it here. The second track, called ‘Soundscape for Another World 2’, was designed to accompany the picture of the same name by M. C. Escher. I tried to imagine what this surreal 2D world would sound like if it were a real place. You can listen to both of these tracks on my Darkwater Studios SoundCloud page here. 1/2/18


Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update on my site, so…here I am! I’ve been busy trying to survive while going back to school. I’m working towards finishing my BFA in Visual Arts at the University of Victoria, and it’s been incredibly challenging, more so than I’d anticipated. It really is true what they say, you’re never too old to learn new things. Experimenting with digital media and painting has really pushed me to think in new ways, and hopefully come up with some cool stuff that I couldn’t have imagined doing before. I’ll be putting up some of my favorite new works on here soon, and my ridiculous early animation videos can be watched here. 9/7/16



A big thank you to renowned editor Ellen Datlow for including me in her list of ‘especially noteworthy artists working in the field of fantastic fiction during 2014’, in the summation preface of her latest horror anthology The Best Horror of the Year Volume Seven. This is a great surprise for me, and it’s an honor to be included among such fine company. You can check out Ellen Datlows’ latest anthology here. 8/21/15


A painting I did recently, entitled ‘Grapejuice’, has been used for the cover design of the first Halloween Horror Issue of the Riding Light Review. This compact collection of creepy stories and poetry is available here! 12/5/14

Grapejuice slice wm


I’m currently illustrating chapter two of a science fiction themed graphic novel written by Cyn C. Bermudez, Chief Editor of the Riding Light Review. She’s a fantastic writer, and I think this project is going to be something very special indeed. Fantasy, horror and film noir all wrapped up together into one epic storyline backed up by real science. 6/19/14

FC page 6 sketch 2 wm2


Darkness Ad Infinitum is out now and available on Amazon! I drew a picture for ‘The Undertaker’s Melancholy’, a poem written by Sydney Leigh. This stunning horror anthology is brought to you by Villipede Publications. You can check it out here5/28/14

DAI flyer f
And here’s a link to their site just in case you’re curious about what they do.


Check out Panels for Primates, courtesy of Monkeybrain Comics and available now on Comixology! This volume was assembled by author Troy Wilson. I illustrated ‘The Number of Apple’, a prose piece written by Jamie Delano. Here’s the link… 11/30/13

The Number of Apple 7