Remedies of the Humanum Family

Remedies of the Humanum Family

“Physiologically, the period of gestation is the perfect place for our evolutionary characteristics to unfold. It is here where plasticity is so plausible that the true trial of our shaping takes place.” – Melissa Assilem.

Gifts of the Mother 1of 6 wm

Umbilical Humanus Omphalos

Gifts of the Mother 2 of 6 wm

Aqua Amniota Humana

Gifts of the Mother 3 of 6 wm

Vernix Caseosa

Gifts of the Mother 4 of 6 wm

Placenta Humana

Gifts of the Mother 5 of 6 wm

Folliculinum Oestrogen

Gifts of the Mother 6 of 6 wm enhanced

Lac Humanum

GiftsCoverMatridonal Remedies of the Humanum Family-Gifts of the Mother is a book about homeopathic remedies written by homeopathic specialist Melissa Assilem. My illustrations feature Freida/Freddy Fetus, an embryo who takes us through a fascinating journey as we learn about six different matridonal remedies. I also designed the cover. You can find more of Melissa’s books on her site.